Staff Sickness Policy

When contacting someone about sickness, it goes without saying that we need to be understanding.

Each department should have a clear reporting procedure – usually to call in at 9 am and speak to the duty consultant or secretary

Need to find out

  • what is wrong
  • how long they are likely to be off work
  • Anything that needs to be picked up while they’re off
  • Discuss how often they need to keep in touch

When they return, they should have a return to work interview

They should fill in a self certification

Short term sickness: <28 days

If frequent ad hoc, may need further meeting, looking for themes in reasons for absence.  May be good to have this meeting with occupational health +/-HR

Fit note: supplied by the GP, addresses how the employer can help with return to work

If an employee does not produce something, this is an unauthorised absence

  • Discuss with HR
  • May result in a disciplinary meeting (they may wish to bring a union rep to this)

Sickness logged by secretary – ensure that she also emails all consultants!

Unauthorised absence (Raj who has gone to India kite surfing)

This is a disciplinary procedure and may result in dismissal – when he has a back to work interview he will definitely want to bring a rep.

HOWEVER it is important to maintain an open mind until all the facts are confirmed…