Who can help with what/who to delegate to


  • Lead nurse
  • Responsible for:
    • nurses
    • infection control in the department including the general cleanliness
  • May also be line manager for the ENPs (or they may have their own manager)

ED Manager

May be responsible for

  • Setting priorities
  • Planning for future development
  • Balancing budgets
  • Ensuring value for money and quality in the services provided
  • Rota management/staffing (this may also be covered by an admin person who looks after several departments


  • Can contact people on your behalf, ask questions
  • However they may require specific directions
  • Can arrange meetings
  • Book rooms for meetings
  • Contact locum agencies
  • Reply to emails on your behalf

Clinical lead

  • Advice if feel out of your depth
  • May be responsible for your appraisal

Press and Media

Usually the role of the comms department/press department. They have specific training

Key to let them know if there is an SI which may make the news eg death of a child, local celebrity

If as a consultant we wish to become involved in this area, wise to get specific training

If a related question comes up in the viva consider

  1. is this something I could comment on anyway? If not delate/defer to someone who can/is interested eg patient groups
  2. Should the comms department be involved eg a visit to the new paediatric department